MAY 2016

DIA Brands Brand Design Intern Posted: 31st May 2016 CreativPlus Graphic Design Intern Posted: 26th May 2016 Sproud Video Production Intern Posted: 26th May 2016 Maverique Art Graphic Design Intern Posted: 26th May 2016 Twist Media Events and Graphic Design and Webs...

March 2016

SapientNitro Internship Visual Designer Posted: 2nd Mar 2016 Twitter_Internship Design Intern Posted: 16th Mar 2016 Singapore Prison Services Graphic Design and Webs Intern Posted: 18th Mar 2016

Information for Companies

Companies are encouraged to have an understanding of the courses taken by our students before making an application. This will ensure that the organization attracts the right candidate and that the internship will be of value to both the organization as well as the...
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