This weblog provides NTU staff and students with the latest updates and news about our Library building and facilities planning activities. The Library has been engaging in a number of projects to expand, renovate and create new library building and spaces to meet the needs of our users. This site records the physical work done on library buildings since 2004 as well as provides basic information about each building and facility.

The Library aims to provide users with effective spaces and conducive physical environment to support their pursuit of learning activities through exploration, discovery, reflection and understanding of the wide spectrum of the accumulated recorded knowledge. Our key design principles are based on the idea that a library user has different needs at different points in time and at different stages of their learning activities. He/she might need a quiet place to study in the morning, an area for discussion and sharing with others in the afternoon. At other times they may need to discover resources through purposeful searching or from serendipitous encounters or they may need to participate as part of a community with shared interest in information seeking in the narrow sense and as learners and researchers in an academic setting in the broader sense. These needs can be fulfilled by the Library through the interaction of 4 types of spaces – sanctuary space, collaboration space, interaction space and community space.

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Currently the Library manages 8 libraries – Lee Wee Nam Library, Business Library, Humanities & Social Sciences Library, Chinese Library, Communication & Information Library, Art, Design & Media Library, Medical Library and Wang Gungwu Library (at Chinese Heritage Centre).