Wheelchair-Friendly, Finally!

Have you visited Lee Wee Nam Library recently? If you did, you would have spotted our latest installations to the main entrance’s staircase! Ever wonder what these are? Don’t worry, this is exactly what we are going to tell you about!

The gigantic seat-like machine is actually an automated wheelchair platform lift. This is installed to assist users who are wheelchair-bound in accessing the library. If you are unsure of how to function this lift, no worries. A comprehensive set of operating instructions is located beside the lift control for your reference.

In addition to the wheelchair lift, we have also added an extra stainless steel railing to the staircase – not for you to slide down with, but for your safety when the floor is too slippery!

All in all, we strive to serve you better by making our libraries more user-friendly and accessible. Do let us know if you have any feedbacks or suggestions. See you in Lee Wee Nam Library soon!

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December 2012 – Addition of Railings onto Stairs between Levels 2, 3 and 4

Have you notice that there are now hand railings on the sides of all 4 stairs connecting Levels 2, 3, and 4? These steel railings were added to ensure the safety of you, the pedestrians, while accessing different levels of the library. The stairs involved are the stairs leading to the University Librarian Office and the Science Collections on Level 4, as well as the two stairs towards the PC area from Level 3. With this known, we hope you will have access to various resources in the library with much relief.

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March 2011- Completion of Renovation of Exhibition and Express PCs area

Have you ever paid attention to the corner to the left of the Service Counter when you enter the library? We have introduced stylish slate walls with attractive posters and books to display, along with some eye-catching multi-colored exhibits to further showcase the popular new arrivals. In an effort to facilitate the students, we have incorporated the Express PCs onto a single modern-looking desk. All in all, the newly-renovated exhibition area is much more vibrant and modern-looking. It is never too late to start visiting the exhibition corner today!

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February 2011- Renovation of LWN Library Exhibition and Express PCs area

The exhibition and express PCs area at LWN Library level 3 is undergoing renovation to give the area a fresh new look. All the express PCs will be grouped together after the renovation to provide a larger exhibition area. During this period, all express PCs will be removed from this area and some express PCs will be temporary relocated and set up at LWN Library level 2.
The estimated completion date of the renovation is early March 2011.

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January 2011- Installation of end panels at LWN Library 5th floor

Glass end panels have been added to the shelves at LWN Library level 5. Most shelves in NTU Libraries come with end-panels. End-panels not only provide shelves with an aesthetic uplift but are also good support for call number signages that need to be optimally sized for users to read them easily. Well-customised end-panels can also help to improve the ambience where shelves and user spaces are thoughtfully blended.

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August 10 to September 10 – Toilet renovation

Toilets on all floors (levels 2-5) in Lee Wee Nam Library were renovated during the school vacation July – Sept 2010.

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February 10 to May 10 – Upgrading of LWN Library

We have redesigned Level 3 near the entrance for a new Mr Lee Wee Nam commemorative corner. We have installed some display cabinets to showcase Mr Lee Wee Nam’s memorabilia and foreign institutional gifts. In addition, we have created a zone for students to take photo with the bust of Mr Lee Wee Nam.

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February 10 – Completion of LWN Library Learning Commons 

The LWN Library Learning Commons is finally completed! It will be opened to users on 8 March 2010.

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December 09 to January 10 – Upgrading of LWN Library

We are upgrading Lee Wee Nam Library again this December 2009 – January 2010 vacation. This time, we are reconfiguring part of Level 2 to become an extension of the existing learning commons. In this new learning commons, there would be a mixture of different types of learning spaces including:

  • LCD monitor equipped small group discussion pods
  • Smartboard equipped small group discussion pods
  • Presentation rehearsal cum recording room
  • Open discussion spaces with interactive touch screens
  • Open discussion spaces with dual monitors
  • Open discussion spaces with triple monitors
  • Video wall
  • Digital newspapers and new media stands

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In addition, we are also redesigning Level 3 near the entrance for a new Mr Lee Wee Nam commemorative corner. We hope to raise greater awareness about Mr Lee Wee Nam by displaying some of his memorabilia as well as some information about his entrepreneurial spirit.

Artist’s impression of the new Mr Lee Wee Nam commemorative corner:


June to August 09 – Renovation at LWN Library

As part of Library’s continuous improvement efforts, we are renovating Lee Wee Nam Library this vacation to serve users better. Key upgrading works are being carried out at the following areas of the Lee Wee Nam Library from June-August 2009:

Level 2:

Location Key works & outcome
IT Assistant counter A new counter with a more effective location and design would be created to serve users better
Current periodical browsing area Shelving style would be re-defined for a more browsing-friendly configuration

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Level 3:

Location Key works & outcome
Main entrance Automatic sliding doors would be added
Book drop Extension of existing room for RFID book return
Electronic Resource Access Point More conducive environment for research
Service counter More user-friendly meeting point between staff and users


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Level 4:

Location Key works & outcome
Science collection shelves Expansion of shelving area to cater for over-capacity collection

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June to July 09 – Renovation of Lee Wee Nam Library entrance

Lee Wee Nam Library entrance will undergo a major renovation from June to July 2009. Some renovation works include:

  • removing of existing wooden structure and the glass doors and replacing with new glass sliding doors
  • creating a new RFID book return room
  • reconfiguring the entrance and exit area into a single entry and exit point.

During the renovation, the entrance at Level 3 will be closed from 26 June to 11 July 2009. The interim entrance and exit point to Lee Wee Nam Library is located at level 2 near to the lift lobby in the library.

All works are expected to be completed by end of July 2009.

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December 2008 – Relocation of Engineering and Science RBR

As the LWN Library is being reconfigured to house both the Engineering and Science collections, the Reserves books for Engineering and Science collections were being relocated from Library 2 to LWN Library level 3.

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December 2008 – Relocation of Engineering Collections

With the new shelves ready for used in level 5, the Engineering collections were being relocated from Library 2. And some of the bound periodicals in level 2 were being relocated to level 5 to free up more space for the Engineering books. The new locations of the collections are as followed:

Level 2

  • Engineering books (Call no. T – TJ)

Level 5

  • Engineering books (Call no. TK – TT)
  • Bound periodicals



Mid-November to Mid-December 2008 – Setting up of new and old library shelves at new level 5

A mixture of new and old book shelves are being installed at the new level 5 from mid-November to mid-December 2008.

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17-21 November 2008 – Relocation of Library staff offices

As the Library is re-configuring LWN Library into LWN Engineering and Science Library, Engineering and Science subject librarians and their support staff are relocated from various offices to co-locate at a single office at LWN Library level 3 staff office. Library staff from the Library Promotion Division, Instructional Services Division and NTU Museum have also relocated from their existing offices at LWN Library level 3 to their new common office at level 5.

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September 2008 – Start of Renovation of level 5

Soon after the Centre for Educational Development moved out of level 5 to its new office, renovation works began sometime in September 2008. The first phase included demolition of existing rooms, raised floorings, ceiling boards, etc. Then, next, new wiring, cabling, walls, ceiling boards, aircon ventilation, lighting were installed. The last phase included painting, furniture, carpeting and installation of book shelves and computer related equipment.

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July 2008 – Design Brief for LWN Library Level 5

A new design brief was written by Library and submitted to Office of Facilities Planning and Management in early July 2008. Like other design briefs written by the Library, it provides a broad concept plan and guide for the interior design and layout of the LWN Library Level 5. The plan also describes the main zones in this level and specifies the activities, equipment and furniture within each zone.

Collection space would be taking up the largest portion of the approximately 1,900 sqm space at level 5. Next is Library user reading space. There would be a mixture of group reading tables, individual reading carrels as well as easy seating near the entrance to level 5. There would also be a small common office area for some Library staff.

The projected completion date is November 2008.

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April 2008 – Renovation of HQ Staff Office (Updates)

The architect, with input from the Library, completed a draft layout plan for level 5 and we are currently in the process of revising the layout. Once the layout plan is finalised, renovation work is likely to commence as soon as CED (Centre for Educational Development) moves out.


January 2008 – Renovation of HQ Staff Office at Level 5

The Library and the Office of Facilities Planning Management agreed to proceed with the renovation of level 5 in LWN Library (current CED office) even though the expansion project had been postponed. The renovation will be done based on our initial plan of converting level 5 to permanent Library HQ staff office. Our office area in level 2 will then be converted into shelving space for the Engineering collection that is currently located in Library 2.


December 2007 – Updates of LWNES Library

Due to the extremely high demand for building and construction work in Singapore currently, we have been asked by Ministry of Finance to delay our project until the end of 2009. We are therefore suspending the project now and will resume it nearer towards end of 2009. The likely completion date is therefore pushed to beginning of 2012. We are working together with OFPM on finding ways to accommodate the expansion of our collection until then.


November 2007 – Updates of LWNES Library

Look Architect, the appointed architect for LWN Library project, presented the plans for the expanded LWN Engineering & Science Library. The Library will be working together with the Architect to further develop the plans. The Library is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of 2010.

The artist’s impression of the new LWNES Library is as follows:



September 2006 – Design brief for LWNES Library

The Library completed the writing of the 42-page design brief for the expansion of the LWNES Library. Around 300 LWN Library student users took part in an online survey conducted in August 06 to give their feedback and suggestions for the new LWNES Library. The survey findings were taken into consideration during the writing of the design brief.

The purpose of the design brief is to provide a broad concept plan and guide for the architect. The concept plan describes the main zones in the LWNES Library and specifies the activities, equipment and furniture within each zone. The diagram below shows a schematic layout plan that the Library has included in its design brief.



Floor Area: 7,895 sqm No. of PCs: 407
No. of seats: 979