March 2012 – Completion of Early Textbook Collection Room

The renovation of Early Textbook Collection Room has been completed. It is a room uniquely designed for users to access the early textbooks for research purposes. In order to create a traditional Chinese ambiance, unique ornaments and customized lighting are selected to decorate this special room.

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December 2011 – Reconfiguration of staff office to Early Textbook Collection Room

One of the rooms in Wang Gungwu Library (highlighted in red in the layout plan below) is currently undergoing renovation to transform into a special collection room. The room is named as “Early Textbook Collection” in English and “早期课本特藏” in Chinese. The overall design theme of the room would be in traditional Chinese style.

There would be plenty of shelving and cabinet space in the room for the early textbooks. To preserve this collection, the room would be air-conditioned at all times with a suitable preset humidity. Also, there will be an electronic display on the feature wall to highlight the contents of this special collection.

The renovation is estimated to complete by December 2011. The layout plan and the artist’s impression of the new special collection room are as follows:

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August 2009 – RFID Book Drop

A new 3M RFID 24-hour book drop has been installed somewhere close to the right-hand side of the library entrance to enable users to return books when library is closed.

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October 2008 – Start of Renovation

The 2 store rooms were cleared and would be renovated to cater for shelving furniture that is suitable for the storage and browsing of special collection and closed stacks books. The new special collection room at level 1 would have custom wall cabinet, a reading table and chairs to enable users to do research and browsing comfortably in this room.

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August 2008 – Design Brief for WGWL Phase II Renovation

The Library has recently submitted a design brief for Phase II of WGW Library’s renovation. The plan is to renovate the 2 existing store rooms at the end of the Library. This is to allow the Library to maximise the use of the 2 rooms. One of them would be re-configured into a closed stacks room and the other one, a special collection room. Books in the closed stacks rooms have undergone a careful selection and weeding process. After that, they were sent for fumigation while the rooms are undergoing renovation.

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January 2008 – Completion of renovations at Wang Gungwu Library

The Wang Gungwu Library was re-opened in January 2008 after extensive renovation. The Library houses the personal collection donated by Professor Wang Gungwu and other books focusing on overseas Chinese.

During the renovation, 10 new rows of double-sided shelves were installed, providing a total capacity of approximately 40,000 volumes of books. A Loan & Enquiry cum Research Assistance counter was constructed. A user-PC area with 4 PCs was created to provide users the convenience of accessing the Library catalogue and Library subscribed e-resources. Another new user facility includes a reading area with 2 units of 4-pax reading tables.

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October 2007 – Installation of New Library Shelves

As the renovation of the WGW library comes to an end, the installation of new shelves begins.

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September 2007 – Start of Renovation

The WGW Library has begun its renovation and the expected completion date of renovation is October 2007.

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July 2007 – Design Brief

The purpose of the brief is to provide a broad concept plan and guide for the interior design and layout of the WGW Library. This concept plan will describe the main zones in the Library and specify the activities, equipment and furniture within each zone.

The projected completion date of the Library is in early 2008.

June 2007 – New Wang Gungwu Library

A project was initiated by Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC) and NTU to have the WGW Library placed under the management of NTU Library. Our plan is to renovate the Library and integrate the collection with the NTU Library system.



Floor Area: 352 sqm No. of PCs: 4
No. of seats: 8