May 2010 – Completion of the new Library Instructional Commons

The new Library Instructional Commons is now completed and available for use.
To facilitate changes and increased emphasis in interactive teaching and learning, the 3 rooms in LIC are equipped with movable furniture to enable greater flexibility to accommodate different training styles and set ups. The biggest room in LIC, “Alexandria” is equipped with laptops and can comfortably accommodate up to 40 participants for any instructional class. The larger of the 2 breakout rooms, “Dewey”, can accommodate up to 12 persons while “Ranganathan”, the smaller one can accommodate up to 6 persons.
Requests to use the room for AV viewing can be made through Business Library. Below are some pictures:

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December 2009 – Reconfiguration of Media Resource Library to Library
Instructional Commons

Part of the ex-Media Resource Library space would be reconfigured and redesigned to become the new Library Instructional Commons. The Library Instructional Commons serves as a new learning space where NTU students and staff could come together to attend workshops conducted by librarians. The one and only Library Instruction Room currently in Lee Wee Nam Library has not been sufficient in serving the needs of Library users. In FY08/09, the Library has conducted 264 training sessions (552 hours) for 6,340 users.

The new Library Instructional Commons would comprise a 30-40pax modular instruction room as well as 2 break-out rooms which would also double-up as group video viewing spaces.

Renovation period: December 2009 – January 2010

Artist’s impression of the Library Instructional Commons:

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January 2009 – Merger of Media Resource Library with Business Library

With the re-configuration of Library 2 into Business Library during the December 2008 to January 2009 period, the Media Resource Library would also be merged with the Business Library to achieve greater optimization of manpower resources. The DVD/VCD collection and individual viewing carrels would be relocated to Business Library (previous Library 2) in January 2009. The AV livefeed would also be discontinued from late December 2008 onwards. All Library users shall be requested to visit the Business Library for loan of AV collection previously found in Media Resource Library.


There was no renovation of the Media Resource Library since its inception sometime in 2000 except for some minor reconfiguration of staff office space.

MRL has a collection of audio visual materials including videocassettes, audiocassettes, multimedia software, music compact discs, audio CDs, VCDs, DVDs, laser discs and slides on various subject areas.

It has 3 viewing rooms and 34 individual seats for viewing AV materials.

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Floor Area: 500 sqm No. of PCs: 34  
No. of seats: 30