Actions Taken by the Government

The government is making concerted efforts towards protecting Singapore and its people from the harmful effects of climate change. Plans have been put in place for prevention of coastal erosion and floods; the threat of which has increased due to the rising sea level. Roughly 80% of Singapore’s coastal areas have been protected by hard walls or stone barriers, which protect the shorelines from being eroded over time. Further since 2011 laws for reclamation of land require a minimum level of 2.25m. Cautious measures are also being taken to protect our precious water resources. Our water supplies have been distributed over four sources called “Four National Taps” which are, local reservoir, imports from Malaysia, NEWater and desalinated water. And an added advantage is that NEWater and desalinated water independent of rainfall, these sources are to a certain extent inoculated against the changes in the water cycle. These two sources in totality account for 40% of Singapore’s water usage. The government plans to harness these sources further so that they are capable of catering to 80% of our demand.

Water Treatment and Management In Singapore

Moreover in 2013 Singapore inaugurated the first ever climate research centre dedicated solely towards studying climate patterns in Singapore and across South east Asia using computer simulation models. It is called the Centre for Climate Research Singapore.