Raising awareness

The government acknowledges that to be successful in their endeavor to create a more environmentally friendly society they need to move in tandem with their people, and several measure have been taken for the same.


Government has taken it in its stride to engage children in environmental understanding from a very young age. And their exposure to the environment goes beyond the classroom studies an example of this the school trip to the NEWater plant, or the MacRitchie Reservoir etc. The school curriculum is regularly being revised so that students have an in-depth understanding of the threats of climate change.


Reaching Out to the Youth

The National environmental Agency under its Youth Environment Envoy Programme trains students as “green envoys” who are then entrusted with the responsibility of leading their and their community towards increased environmental ownership.


Community and National Campaigns

The Clean and Green campaign every year raises awareness among citizen to protect and nature environment friendly attitudes. Further under the energy labeling schemes all home appliances sold in markets bear their energy efficiency which informs the customer and help them make better choices.