Susan Tan

Mindfulness Teacher

Research InterestsEfficacy of mindfulness on dementia prevention and management, Efficacy of mindfulness on volition and life choices and the impact on chronic disease prevention and management


Susan Tan founded ECI Consulting Holdings Pte Ltd to promote happiness and health to individuals and corporations by incorporating mindfulness principles in her health coaching and wellness promotion workshop. She has been a mindfulness practitioner for over 25 years.
She conducts mindfulness-based wellness promotion programs and motivational interviewing skills for lifestyle change conversations between healthcare providers and patients for corporate clients, schools, and community organisations. Clients include NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Ministry of Health Holdings, Singapore Health Services, National Healthcare Group, Alexandra Health System, Jurong Health Services, National University Health Services, and Centre for Seniors, just to name a few.

Erin Lee

Mindfulness Teacher

Research Interests: Applications and efficacy of MBSR, Mindfulness for ageing population, Mindfulness for caregivers, Mindfulness for educators, Mindfulness for youths and emerging adults, Mindfulness in tertiary education, Informal Mindfulness


Founder and Mindfulness Coach of Mindful Moments Singapore, Erin is a mindfulness practitioner and advocate of mindfulness as a way of life. It is her personal vision to help more and more people acquire mindfulness skills and incorporate mindfulness practice into their daily lives to improve their well-being. She runs the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program, and has conducted mindfulness training for institutions and organizations such as ITE College West, National University of Singapore, KK Hospital, Economic Development Board, Clarins, Duke-NUS Medical School, Autodesk, Ministry of Communications and Information, Chinese Development Assistance Council, and Sentosa Development Corporation.

Erin is a Certified MBSR Teacher as recognized by the Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute (MBPTI) at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Center for Mindfulness. Erin has completed the UCSD School of Medicine’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training Intensive as well as Advanced Teacher Training Intensive for MBSR and MBCT Teachers in California. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science degree in Studies in Mindfulness with University of Aberdeen, UK. Erin is trained to teach the .b mindfulness program to teenagers and young adults as recognized by the Mindfulness in Schools Project. Erin is also an experienced polytechnic lecturer, and has a background in public relations and communications.

Kathirasan K

Mindfulness Teacher, Researcher

Research Interests
Happiness, Performance & Productivity, Self-Awareness, Stress Reduction

Kathirasan K (Kathir) is the Author of the book, Mindfulness in 8 Days. He is currently the Director of the Centre for Mindfulness (Singapore). An established mindfulness teacher and practitioner, with a background in Yoga, Philosophy, Organizational Development, Leadership and Education. Kathir has been teaching contemplative practices and philosophy for more than a decade..

Kathir has the unique ability to integrate psychology, mindfulness and Yoga to provide a holistic experience for learners. He has the ability to contextualise Mindfulness in the areas of education, teaching, learning, personal development, leadership, coaching, counselling, career development and stress management.


Adrian Kee


Research Interests
experiments, flow, motivation, physical education, Sport performance

Adrian is an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education, Singapore in Nanyang Technological University. He interests in mindfulness lies in the relevance of it in sport and movement control.