Chan Wei Xuan

Chan Wei Xuan
PhD (MAE) Batch 2011
Research Topic: Enhanced Efficiency Electrical Generator Design

Research Summary: This work utilizes a combination of meshfree methods, local coordinates system and other numerical techniques to reduce the dependency of solution’s accuracy on computational power requirement. Through this methodology, we will able to encompass complex wind blade geometry full direct simulations while maintaining fast computation and high accuracy of the solutions.


  • W. X. Chan, H.S. Son and Y.-J. Yoon, Computational efficiency of meshfree methods with local-coordinates algorithm, International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, 16(3), 547-556, 2015
  • W. X. Chan and Y.-J. Yoon, Effects of basilar membrane arch and radial tension on the travelling wave in gerbil cochlea, Hearing Research, 327, 136-142, 2015

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