Wu Wenjin

Wu Wenjin 

PhD (MAE) Batch 2014

Research Topic: Additive Manufacturing of High Tensile Strength Steel for Offshore & Marine 3D Complex Joint Applications

Research Summary: The project will perform research & development work to identify leading technologies in 3D Printing, advantages and disadvantages, limitations and challenges, the applications, and thus identify the opportunities for 3D complex joint applications in the Offshore & Marine industry.


  • Wu, W., et al., Investigation on processing of ASTM A131 Eh36 high tensile strength steel using selective laser melting. Virtual and Physical Prototyping, 2015. 10(4): p. 187-193
  • Rapid 2014, Study of Additive Manufacturing in Offshore and Marine
  • ProAM 2014, Preliminary Investigation on SLM of ASTM A131 EH36 High Tensile Strength Steel for Shipbuilding Applications

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