Xiao Jianfang

Xiao Jianfang
PhD (EEE) Batch 2011 (graduated)

Research Topic: Control of DC Microgrids with Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

Research Summary: To propose reliable control algorithms for DC microgrid operation to ensure system stability and minimize bus voltage variation.
To investigate different types of energy storages and propose hybrid energy storage system to enhance system performance.


  • C. Jin, P. Wang, J. Xiao, Y. Tang, and Choo, “Implementation of Hierarchical Control in DC Microgrids,” Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on, vol. PP, pp. 1-1, 2013
  • J. Xiao and P. Wang, “Multiple modes control of household DC microgrid with integration of various renewable energy sources,” in Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 2013 – 39th Annual Conference of the IEEE, 2013, pp. 1773-1778
  • Attended APPEEC 2013 in Hong Kong (9-11th Dec 2013) and presented paper titled “Multi-level control of grid-tied DC microgrid”

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