Green campaigner


(Source: The Sunday Times, February 5, 2012)

Olivia could be considered one of Singapore’s most active green campaigners. At a relatively young age of 33, she already has several self-initiated green campaigns under her belt. One of them is ‘The Safer Skin Campaign’ to campaign for chemical and toxic free beauty products. Chemicals in beauty product have many detrimental environmental effects like water pollution. Also, since most cosmetic products are tested on animals, there are ethical concerns that chemicals may have toxic effects on these tested animals.

Olivia also started ‘Green Drinks Singapore’, a non-profit movement that connects businesses, government, environmentalists and educators to discuss their green knowledge. Such sharing and feedback session between the various parties could facilitate potential collaborations. Besides, such sessions may also stimulate the organisations to look at the environmental issues more seriously and deeply.

Not only is Olivia a green campaigner, she is also a busy owner of a public relations agency, Sustainable PR that helps companies with their green effort. It seems that it is very possible for one to combine business and interest after all!