Developmental Solutions


Land Use Planning

singapore natural heritage

The Concept Plan is Singapore’s long-term strategic land use and transportation plan that is review it every ten years. This is to ensure that Singapore have enough land to support future population growth as well as a high quality living environment


Eg: Retain Singapore’s natural and built heritage  by safeguarding Nature Reserves and  Nature Areas and selectively conserving  buildings with outstanding architecture and historical significance

Pollution Control

jurong island 3

Singapore has clear and strict environmental regulations to manage pollution from industries and to minimize the impact it has on the quality of life of Singapore

  • Locating heavy industries in Jurong Island and Tuas far from residential areas.
  • Strict pollution standards so that waste is safely dispose
  • Strict monitoring and enforcement

Water Management 

marina barrage

Two-third of Singapore land area is used as water catchment to store rain water and the recycling of water to meet the needs of the population


  • Production of New water- treated water
  • Desalination of sea water
  • High standards of sanitation

 Waste Management


Singapore has developed an integrated waste system that collects and dispose waste effectively





  • Incineration of waste -> save on land and also provide energy
  • Land fills convert to land stock
  • National Recycling programs-> Industries ( F&B), Homes, Schools




  • Singapore does not subsidies energy use to prevent consumption
  • Cost effective new technologies to generate more power
  • National efficiency plan to encourage industries, buildings, transport and households to use energy effectively



The development of an efficient and comprehension transport system to reduce pollution from cars and traffic congestion


City Greening

Transforming Into a Garden City-1

Building of Singapore into a garden city by setting aside parks and park connectors to link parks t nature areas. Singapore also conserved areas of biodiversity and selected natural areas

10% of Singapore’s land is committed as green space, of which about half are  gazetted nature reserves. home to 2,900 species of plants, 360 species  of birds and 250 species of hard corals



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