Major Environmental Problems

1) Resource Depletion images (3) Resource depletion is the consumption of natural resources that exceeds its replenished and replacement rate. Ecological foot print is the measure of human consumption of the earth resources in global hectares of land and sea. Research has shown that the global footprint currently exceeds the world’s capacity to regenerate. 2)Habitat Destruction images (4) Habitat destruction is when the natural habitat is render functionally unable to support the biodiversity that is present, hence the destruction of the site has reduce biodiversity. Habitat destruction by human activity is mainly used for the purpose of harvesting natural resource for industrial production and urbanization. The reasons behind clearing habitat is because of agriculture, mining, lodging, trawling. Habitat destruction also happens to be the primary cause of extinction of biodiversity 3)Climatic Changes download Climatic changes is the significant change in the distribution of weather patterns over long periods of time. Human activities are significant causes of recent climatic changes that is referred as ” Global Warming”. Global warming refers to the increase in average temperature of the Earth’s surface 4)Pollution D_iStock_000018951814XLarge Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that will cause adverse changes to the environment

  • Water pollution

201266103538720621_20 Water pollution is the confirmation of water bodies through releasing pollutants directly or indirectly into the water source without adequate treatment to remove harmful chemical compounds This not affect the biodiversity in the water source, but it also affects humans who are reliant on the water source for livelihood.

  • Air Pollution

Pollution The introduction of particles materials into the Earth’s atmosphere, that would cause disease, death, damage to biodiversity and natural or built environment.

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